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Lamborghini Centro Milano. An exceptional display facility for exceptional cars.
The idea underpinning the Lamborghini Centro Milano project was the response to a very precise need on the part of the client: “I want something in the façade that looks great, that catalyzes attention and that’s unique”. Starting out from this need, Dante O. Benini & Partners gave the whole building a new aesthetic and functional impact, a task by no means simple given they had to work on an old industrial shed. The project was thus complex from the outset and required massive attention to detail and optimized use of materials, a hallmark of this particular Milan firm of architects.

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Mezzanine floor made of 10 mm clear Madras® Pixel Flooring anti-slip glass, laminated as follows: 1.52 mm transparent PVB / 10 mm clear float glass / 1.52 mm transparent PVB / 10 mm clear float glass.