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A glass balustrade: double face plays of perspective.
A glass balustrade can give defining character to an important public place, as in the case of the one designed by Smith Group JJR, Washington DC/USA, for the Genesis Cancer Care Center, Zanesville, OH/USA, and built by McGrory Glass, Inc., Paulsboro, NJ/USA. The structure accompanies the staircases and opens out at the top to delimit the landing that accesses the doctors’ offices. The glass used is Madras®, the glass with the widest range of textures and finishes for architecture and design produced by the Italian Vitrealspecchi.

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Genesis Cancer Care Center, Zanesville, OH, USA: balustrade in Madras® mod. Fili Maté double face glass, 10 mm, tempered and laminated.
Design: Smith Group JJR (Washington, DC/USA).
Construction: McGrory Glass, Paulsboro, NJ/USA.