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Blue Madras® glass brise-soleils in the Ville Lumière.
The glass that was chosen to make the special brise-soleils characterizing the façade of the Europ Assistance building in Gennevilliers (Paris) is Madras®, and in particular its Punto xl-n Cristalli model, extra-clear and 8 mm thick. Thanks to the regular pattern of tiny points across its surface, light from the LEDs along the edges of the glass is evenly diffused across the entire surface. To obtain the blue colour, in line with the organization’s corporate identity, the extra-clear glass was laminated with coloured transparent PVB. Only the use of a high quality base glass with perfectly regular etching and faultless lamination employing special techniques could ensure excellent results from both a technical and aesthetical viewpoint. In daylight, the blue of the brise-soleils and other glass elements stands out against the white of the façade but it’s at night that its luminosity comes to life.
Producer of Madras® Punto xl-n Cristalli light transmitting glass: Vitrealspecchi/Italy.
Lamination: Isolglas, Vestone (BS), Italy