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Madras® Nuvola: design and elegance for Alfa Romeo.
Alfa Romeo is a brand that’s always stood for all-Italian style, passion and speed. Knowledge of this guided architect Benedetto Camerana in his project for Arese, site of the old Alfa Romeo factory famous for rolling out the “Snake’s” best loved models from 1963 to 2000. In 1976, part of the factory was converted into a museum, which could only be seen by booking a visit. Having been closed since 2009, the museum finally reopened on 30 June 2015 as a new facility capable of giving new impetus to the entire architectural complex thanks to the choice of a characterizing element like “Alfa red".

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Architectural design: Benedetto Camerana and Partners, Turin - OFFICINA 82 (FCA GROUP)
Constructional design: D’ENGINEERING Srl, Turin
Construction: D’ENGINEERING Srl, Turin
Glass: Madras® Nuvola, 8 mm, extra-clear
Glass transformation: Bivetro, Turin
Photo: Vitrealspecchi