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A vast range of patterns with different finishes – from simple satin to deep etching – on one or both sides of the plate, designed to meet the needs of contemporary design and architecture. The famous Madras® quality is recognizable in the tiniest of details, as ever.
Discover the Madras®Geometries collection: with their minimalism, they accompany the essential lines of contemporary design without interfering or distracting.

Madras glass mod. Strip Maté double face
Base material: monolithic float glass to UNI EN 572 1-2: 2004/ laminated to UNI EN 1449:2005.
Description and characteristics: both sides of the plate are chemically and permanently etched. The texture is given by the satin finish on a transparent ground. Surface: smooth to the touch.
Plate size: 2250 x 3210 mm.
Thicknesses: monolithic up to 12 mm; laminated up to 55.1 mm.
Weight: 2,5 kg/sqm/mm thickness.
Standard colour: clear, extraclear.
Admitted processes: all mechanical and heat processes compatible with the base material (cutting, grinding, bevelling, etching, drilling, laminating, double glazing, tempering, bending, etc.).
Interior/Exterior applications: doors and windows, furnishing (wall cladding, wardrobe, table-tops, etc), bathroom (shower-screens, furnishing), building (façades, roofing, parapets, shelters, etc).
Colours and finishings in the photographs may look slightly different from those of the real products: we recommend that customers examine sample glass before choosing products.
Strip Maté double face
Madras® Geometries collection