Madras® Flooring
anti-slip glass.
The latest anti-slip surfaces are Madras® Flooring. Ideal for high visual-impact flooring and stairs, it combines the unique aesthetic qualities of glass with exclusive performance characteristics certified to international standards. It offers a generous range of textures to provide safe grip whether dry or wet. The range was recently enriched by a new item, Ecosat® Flooring: the treated side is roughened and sparkling and has certified anti-slip and anti-scratch characteristics.
Madras® Flooring can be tempered and laminated. When laminated with transparent float glass or coloured PVB and suitably backlit, it produces superb flooring, especially for halls and entertainment facilities, etc. Otherwise, when laminated with an opaque film or mirror glass, it forms highly refined, high-tech style “tiles”, also for floating floors. Because of its performance characteristics and special aesthetic qualities, Madras® Flooring is used in places of international prestige where high numbers of people congregate, such as the glass stairways in various Apple Stores round the world.
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