Madras® Limited.
Texture between
two transparencies.
Madras® Limited is an exclusive new development for interior glass design: a delicately engraved texture is limited to a single band. Above and below it, absolute transparency.
The juxtaposition of different finishes is primarily an aesthetic solution, for the contrast between the semi-transparent etched surface and the smooth and transparent areas fully exploits all the creative possibilities of glass at the same time. An exceptional opportunity for interior design.
But it also has a functional purpose for the more common applications: it renders doors, walls and shower screens extremely “light” in visual terms and increases the “depth” of the ambience. Moreover, the etched band is positioned to protect privacy (shower screens) and repel fingerprints (doors and walls).
There are three models - Stream Limited, Juta Limited, Ecosat Limited – and two configurations so that you can get glass panels for doors up to the ceiling (270/300 cm) and for standard size doors in height (210/220 cm).
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News Madras® Limited. Texture between two transparencies.