Madras® Nuvola.
Discover the new formats ideal for doors and showers.
Madras Nuvola, the glass with a gradient satin finish, is now available in two new formats as well - Nuvola 70-OR and 135-OR – for doors and shower screens of standard height (2000/2100 mm). This avoids waste when cutting the plate. Also ask for diagrams of all the standard formats for applications in ceiling height doors and walls, parapets and shelters. Madras® Nuvola provides effective protection of privacy without reducing a room’s impression of spaciousness: the satin finish, produced by a special chemical process, very gradually fades across the glass to total transparency. Perfectly smooth to the touch, it ensures resistance to scratches and fingerprints and is easy to clean. Madras® Nuvola is an exclusive Vitrealspecchi product.
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Madras Nuvola, the new progressive satin glass for shower screens.