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Ecosat No-Scratch glass tops: scratch and coffee-proof.
Tables, kitchen and bathroom tops, reception desks, shelving and work surfaces: these are all things that come into daily contact with objects that will sooner or later damage their surfaces with scratches or other permanent marks.
Madras® Ecosat No-Scratch glass, developed by Vitrealspecchi, the leading Italian manufacturer of etched float glass, is the most innovative solution in this respect.
Its finely textured and brilliantly reflective surface has very high scratch resistance (level 5), tested to UNI 9428: 1989 and to stains (UNI EN 438-2:2005 e UNI EN 12720:2009).
Ecosat® No-Scratch comes in 2250 x 3210 mm plates in thicknesses from 6 to 15 mm, clear or extra-clear. It can be tempered, lacquered or silvered, thus meeting all transformation needs, and can also be used to make large surfaces for optimum integration in all sorts of designs, whether private, public or commercial.
Another benefit not to be underestimated (given its applications) is that Ecosat® No-Scratch is nice to use: crystalline yet “warm” at the same time, it’s very pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and doesn’t absorb or stain, so it’s proof against fingerprints and….. coffee.
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