New products from Madras® for all-glass doors
With its by now famous range of patterns, thicknesses and finishes, Madras® is the glass of choice for all doors in which glass is more important than the rest, or so-called all-glass doors. This material, with the prerogatives that made it unique, its transparency, its being effectively "intangible”, is the guiding concept in the development of delicate new patterns and subtle new finishes, also double face, for innovative open-space partitioning in homes and workplaces.
Punto-n Cristalli is a new development with an extraordinary lightness of touch. A regular pattern of exquisitely small, sparkling and precious pinpoints covers its completely transparent surface. Pleasant to the touch with their almost imperceptible concavities, these tiny points light up with sophistication even in normal daylight and from every viewpoint. Pure emotion.
Strip Maté double face combines the rigour of linear design with the lightness of transparency. With its maté finish on a transparent ground, staggered on either side to produce dynamically changing visual effects, an optical vibration almost, it creates a discreet partition between one space and another, separating without isolating. And last but not least, installation on vertical surfaces, such as walls to co-ordinate with doors, is made simple by the product’s calibrated linearity.