Discover the new interior design trends in Surfaces 03 Soft Dark Book
A new and ideal interaction between the tactile and the chromatic in a home symbolizing modern living. A sophisticated yet intimate home where the choice of materials reflects insistence on both beauty and functionality. Madras® glass embodies this spirit with textures and geometries transformed by the fullness of colour in tone-on-tone silvered and plain lacquered products. Madras® creates value and advantages in the finishing of furniture and furnishing accessories: exclusive technologies applied to flat glass and mirror glass transform their surfaces with various very special effects not obtainable with other materials. This produces a constant stream of new, unique tactile/visual sensations to enhance the most ordinary of surfaces with the warmth of emotion. Day-to-day care is easier and beauty lives on unaltered over time.
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Surfaces 03 Soft Dark Book. New Madras glass collections for interior and furnishing. Surfaces for interior design.