Surfaces 02
Warm Metal Book
Madras® glass dresses furniture in the latest colours.
Madras® continues its exploration of the home’s symbolic spaces and continually changing atmospheres.
Warm metal is a range of colours of the moment for dressing the home with reflections both ancient and modern. Madras® expresses their spirit with a variety of new tones, unique finishes and tactile/visual sensations.
Patterns immersed in a crystalline world of glass - shiny, opaque, glinting – fascinating also to the touch. Madras® technologies applied to flat glass and mirrors transform surfaces with many striking effects not possible in other materials. Hence the advantages and prestige of Madras® products, which once again create perfect finishes to enhance the functional design and evocative power of furniture and furnishing accessories. Day to day use is easier and beauty stays unaltered over time.
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Surfaces 02 Warm Metal Book. New Madras glass collections for interior and furnishing. Surfaces for interior design.