Working for BIM,
the architecture and design process.
Madras® glass is a byword for technological research, constant innovation and the high quality of its offering, all of which made it a natural partner for BIMobject®, the Swedish multinational and leading developer of BIM models. And what are they? BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, a process that manages information about a construction project for the purposes of simulations and calculations regarding materials and products. BIM models are generated by integrating a number of BIM objects and are also used to calculate and simulate the various characteristics of a building: architects and engineers can thus make the best design choices and also be facilitated in ensuring legal compliance.
So Madras® became part of the safe and integrated design network and thereby provides an indispensable service to all professionals in the field. Yet another good reason for choosing it.
Vitrealspecchi chooses BIM Object