Laccati Madras®:
beautiful, intriguing,
ready to wear.
In interior decoration and furnishing it’s essential to be able to count on materials that provide a wide range of finishes and ensure simple maintenance and an optimal quality-price ratio. The Madras® Laccati range is all this and more. The special techniques employed to process the surface of Madras® glass give it an array of effects not attainable with other materials. The result: velvety surfaces, pleasant to the touch, both satin-finished and decorative, or lustrous and full of reflections, or graced with micro-etched patterns. All this makes them ideal for a wide range of interior design applications, including finishes for high prestige locations. They can, in fact, be used to finish numerous furnishing items and also to clad walls, panelling and lifts.
Madras® Laccati glass collection for interior decoration and furnishing.