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Cladding with
Madras® glass
is easy and
The beauty of Texture Madras® products can now be used for high impact and easy to install cladding thanks to an exclusive new technology, CRYSTALEXE®. The special process developed by this company makes it possible, in fact, to exploit the advantages of glass – perfectly smooth, crystalline, incorruptible – to produce tiles of exceptional resistance in the laying phase and formidable durability over time. So we can enhance any kind of vertical surface with the exquisite effects of Texture Madras® products – beautifully transparent, strikingly colourful – in the form of cut-to-measure tiles, also very large formats, perfect for gluing to walls. All the colours are water-based, contain no solvents and are certified non-toxic. To find out more about these products and their supply, please visit
Bathroom wall with Madras® glass, Crystalexe finish.