Over 70 years of looking ahead
Vitrealspecchi was set up in 1939 by a family of industrial glass processors active since the beginning of the century. They decided to concentrate on mirrors (hence the name of the company even today) and were one of the first firms in Italy to install an automated production line for large sized plate glass mirrors. True to their innovative reputation, in the mid ‘60s Vitrealspecchi focussed on an ancient glass working technique and patented the first process for satinizing and etching float glass on an industrial scale. That was the beginning of Madras®.
Today Vitrealspecchi is a manufacturer internationally known and respected on account of its exclusive place in the history of etched, satin-finished glass. The enormous progress made on a practical level has now made it possible to offer special, exclusive finishes and types of product for the most diverse applications, from construction to doors and windows and furnishing.

The bevelling operation of flat glass edges.
The bevelling of glass (1926)
Photo: Vitrealspecchi©