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Madras® satin finish products.
Madras® satin finish products have revolutionized the concept of translucent flat glass for construction and décor work and are now components of choice for architecture and design.
Satin finishing and chemical etching, unlike sanding and varnishing, enable glass surfaces to be made permanently translucent in highly sophisticated ways, in terms of both touch and light transmission and diffusion.
Perfect uniformity of etching and constant quality are Madras® satin finish glass hallmarks that guarantee a perfect and permanent end result, even after subsequent transformation.
According to the desired degree of translucency, light transmission and surface tactile feeling, you can choose from three different options: Ecosat Screen, Ecosat Velo, Ecosat Maté.

Ecosat Limited

Ecosat Limited
Ecosat Limited 80/225 – 80/321
Madras® Limited is an exclusive opportunity for glass doors, partitions, shower-screens: a delicately engraved texture is limited to a single band. Above and below it, absolute transparency.
This innovative juxtaposition is mainly aesthetic, as it renders doors, walls and shower screens extremely “light” in visual terms and increases the “depth” of the ambience.
But it also has a functional purpose: the etched band is positioned to protect privacy (shower screens) and repel fingerprints (doors and walls).